For more than 75 years, Supreme has been a staple for the discerning chef making homemade traditional meals.
For the past 75 years we have created some of the most delicious recipes — ranging from Italian Classics to the most expressive desserts.

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Ricotta Cookies
Cannoli Filling

Light Desserts & Spreads
Light Cheesecake
Seasoned Ricotta Spread     

Specialty Desserts
Cassata Cake
Specialty Cheesecake     

Main Dishes
Baked Ziti with Ricotta (Pasta al Forno)

Thanksgiving Specialties
Ricotta Maple Pumpkin Pie
Autumn Cranberry Pie
Seasoned Ricotta Spread & Appetizer

Easter Specialties
Pastiera Easter Pie (wheat, barley, or rice)
Pizza Rustica (Easter carnival pie)     

Summer Specialties
Melons with Ricotta (Melone con Ricotta)
Stuffed Cucumbers
Ricotta-filled Tomatoes
Fresh Fruit Dip
Breakfast Spread









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